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B2B Partner Registration

The website is intended for registered partners of Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o. To access the store you must:

  1. Complete the application form below.
  2. Get to know and accept shop rules.
  3. Receive an e-mail from the account provided in the form and confirm your registration by clicking on the received link.
  4. After activating the account, the Wamtechnik administrator will verify the data provided by you. If the verification is positive, you will receive a message with your login and password.
In case of problems with registration, please contact the Customer Service Department of Wamtechnik by calling 22 701 26 09 or by writing to the following e-mail address: dok@wamtechnik.pl.

Company data:

Data for a VAT invoice

Company contact details

Contact person details

The person must be authorized to incur financial obligations on behalf of the registered company. In case of data inconsistency with the company's registration documents - registration will be rejected.
We suggest using the login associated with the name of your company. If the Company has more than one sub-account, their logins will be automatically created according to the formula: login_1, login_2, login_3, …
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